Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
December 9, 2019

What time of day is best for exams?

The 2019 final exam period runs until December 18.

With final exams here, there is no doubt that UNB libraries will be crammed with students in the next couple of weeks.  

The Brunswickan had the opportunity to ask UNB students what time in the day they prefer having their exams, and why. 

Students expressed their different feelings about the exam season. Several students told us they prefer having the exams at 7:00 pm, as they feel they have more time to study. One of the students told us that having an exam in the morning will keep students studying until late at night, and you will be cramming everything as fast as you can. On the other hand, when you have an exam in the afternoon, you would have more time to go over the material. The students said it wasn’t that the exams were held too early in the morning, but that they didn’t get extra time to study. 

Other students told us they prefer their exams in the morning, and the time was fine. Melina Paz, a 3rd-year Biochemistry student, said she would rather have her exams earlier in the day. Paz said that even if she is done studying for a class with an afternoon exam, she will still stress about it and keep on reviewing the material. She prefers getting the exam done and moving on to the next one. Another 4th-year Forestry student told us she would rather have her exam in the morning and then relax for the rest of the day. 

An interesting thing about the students we talked to was they were not really stressed out for the final exam season. When we asked the students, they either said they were not stressed out at all, or that they were stressed just a tiny bit. In fact, a 4th-year Computer Science student said he was more stressed out for his final assignments than for his final exams. This, however, is a good thing as students will be able to perform well on their exams.

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