Keely Martin
Keely Martin
November 8, 2019

UNB student aims to make professional attire accessible to students with the Campus Closet

The initiative is hoping to advance into dry cleaning and tailoring | Photo by M. Nazareth Araújo

Campus Closet is a no-cost professional attire resource available for UNB students who face barriers preventing them from having suitable attire for interviews, presentations, and experiential learning placements. 

This initiative was started by Peyton Juhnke during her own experiential learning placement this past summer at FutureReadyNB. 

Juhnke used other institutions that have had similar programs/initiatives as templates for developing the best practices for this type of program. 

“[I believe] that UNB should be striving everyday to reduce the barriers in place for students.” 

“Campus Closet is available to all students no matter how you identify, what size you are, we really want to make this space inclusive and welcoming to everyone,” said Juhnke. 

Currently, there is a wide range of sizes available for students ranging from size 2 all the way to 3x. As donations continue to be collected, Juhnke hopes to fill even more gaps in the variety of attire they will have available. 

Interested students will be invited to complete a form scheduling an appointment. Juhnke says this is to ensure confidentiality and comfortability for all students taking part. 

Peyton Juhnke (right) and Annaka Roscoe (left) | Photo by Maria Nazareth Araújo

An accessible location has been chosen in the Wu Centre, on the ground floor, near the old location of the Security and Traffic office. It is also conveniently located beside restrooms so students can try on the clothing.

The initiative is hoping to advance into dry cleaning and tailoring, with Annaka Roscoe pursuing potential services and partnerships with local businesses.  

Juhnke, who is in her 2nd year at Renaissance College, hopes to be able to pass the program on to somebody just as dedicated to the cause as she is. 

Juhnke also says they are looking at starting a potential committee and finding ways to keep the program running.

“[Whether its] a work study position, a club with the Student Union, or just like a volunteer, very casual, or if one faculty, like law, wants to house it, they might be able to have it,” she said. 

Campus Closet is currently accepting donations of professional clothing. The donation bin is in the SUB located in the entrance that faces Tim Hortons, near the vending machines. 

They are also collecting monetary donations, for those interested in supporting but do not have any items available to donate.

Campus Closet will officially launch Tuesday, Nov. 19. 

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