David Bunce
David Bunce
March 28, 2021

UNB Law Tax Clinic Offering Free Tax Services To UNB Students

UNB Fredericton Faculty of Law building | Photo by Jules Keenan

The UNB Law Tax Clinic will begin filing tax returns free of charge for all UNB students with a modest income and who meet the eligibility requirements beginning on March 22, 2021. 

The group is comprised of upper-year law students helping UNB students to file their income tax returns.

“We are a volunteer organization supported by the CRA through their Volunteer Income Tax Program,” explained Brean Marshall, a 3L student participating in the tax law clinic.  

The tax clinic hopes to expand its reach this year and connect with a wider audience of UNB students since they have primarily served international and law students in the past. 

“We are filing students’ taxes through 30-minute virtual meetings,” says Brean, saying that it is a quick and easy way for students with little or no tax knowledge to accurately file their returns. 

To qualify, students must have income from any of the following: employment, scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, interest under $1 000, or grants. 

The members of the UNB Law Tax Clinic also complete other projects. 

“Members complete a research memo for various research groups each year and provide information sessions to students in order to explain why filing taxes in Canada is important,” said Brean. 

For students meeting the eligibility criteria, the clinic requests that you book a time here and bring all relevant documents to facilitate the filling out and filing of tax returns.

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