Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
September 29, 2019

UNB Clubs and Societies: What you need to know

Photo by Maria Hernandez

A new academic year brings new students excited to get involved in student life. Clubs and societies are an excellent way for students to get involved in fun activities, where they can meet students from different faculties and with similar passions.

At UNB you can find a variety of clubs that range from arts, science and sustainability and sports to name just a few.

There are over 120 established clubs, societies and groups at UNB, and if you want to initiate one of your own you can visit to find out how to get started.

The Student Union held the Clubs & Societies fair Thursday, September 19th in the SUB atrium. The fair huddled together UNB students from different faculties and also provided free Domino's pizza.

The Brunswickan had the opportunity to speak to students about the event and why clubs and societies are such an important part of the university experience.

The Brunswickan | Photo by Maria Hernandez

Second-year Forestry student Sanya Nar said she found out about the event through Facebook and friends. She mentioned that in her first year she didn’t get as involved as she would like because she didn't know how things worked around campus. However, she is now adapted to campus life and sees getting involved with clubs or societies as a way to feel more connected with the community.

There were 35 clubs and societies present, giving students the chance to engage with what they like or to support a good cause. The participating clubs and societies were giving out brochures and some were even giving souvenirs and stickers. 

Amongst some of the participating clubs and societies, we had the pleasure to learn a little bit more about a few of them.

For the sailing lovers out there, we had the opportunity to learn about the sailing club—a sport club perfect for people who already know how to sail.

If you are interested in art, Art Zone is the perfect fit for you. In this club, you have to pay a fee of $15, but you have access to their art studio in Memorial Hall, where you can use all of their materials. In the studio you can find numerous supplies including pastels, fabric, dyes and much more. 

ArtZone | Photo by Maria Hernandez

The UNB Maker Space was an attention grabbing club among the bunch. Their table had a small 3D printer where they printed "UNB," and they had LED lights on the edges of the table. In this club you get access to free 3D printing, and if you don't know how to use one there is always someone around to help you. Their room is B8 in Head Hall, and you can see their events on social media.

UNB Maker Space | Photo by Maria Hernandez

The University Women's Centre is free for everyone and it is known for presenting the Vagina Monologues. They have a great community that promotes equality, respect and understanding. 

University Women's Centre | Photo by Maria Hernandez

With all the fantastic clubs that UNB has to offer, The Brunswickan will be writing features in the coming months spotlighting many more of the clubs and societies on UNB campus.

These will include the UNB Water Project, Wildlife Society, Biology Society, Music Society, InterVarsity, Unlock Your Mind: Mental Health Conference and many other clubs, societies, and groups with diverse topics.

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