David Bunce
David Bunce
April 7, 2021

UNB Anticipating A Return To Campus For All Students In Fall 2021

Harriet Irving Library | Photo by Jules Keenan

On March 17 UNB announced that they would be welcoming the UNB community back to campus for the Fall 2021 semester, leaving students with unanswered questions. 

There are various concerns about how vaccine roll-out will affect on-campus activities, whether or not students will be able to attend classes remotely, and what the university mask policy will be. 

The UNB Communications team has provided answers to these questions while explaining that it all depends on the Government of New Brunswick health regulations at the time. Of highest consequence is the plan to have as many in-person classes as possible. 

“We are anticipating that Fall 2021 will have more of a resemblance to a traditional UNB experience by offering many undergraduate and graduate courses in-person,” explained a representative from the UNB Communications team.  

UNB notes that all students should prepare to be on-campus for Fall 2021. Any students who are unable to return to campus must be able to demonstrate why this is the case in order to qualify for online remote learning. 

“Fair and supportive accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis,” they said. 

The vaccine roll-out in New Brunswick is not anticipated to factor into any decisions by UNB regarding campus activities. The Communication Team has confirmed that UNB planning is in no way dependent on a vaccine. 

They did note, however, that Public Health may impose restrictions related to the vaccine and UNB will be in full compliance. 

“Restrictions related to vaccine administration will be based on the guidance received from Public Health at the time,” said UNB Communications.  

Lastly, the use of community face masks on campus will follow the guidance of Public Health. It will evolve based on the recommendations in place at the time. 

UNB is excited to welcome all students back to campus for the Fall 2021 semester. 

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