Brad Ackerson
Brad Ackerson
Brad is a third-year student from Fredericton who is majoring in film production and history. This is his second year with The Bruns and first as Features Editor. He is passionate about storytelling in all its forms and hopes to use his new position to share a wide variety of the most compelling stories from campus and around the city. In his spare time you can often find him hanging out at The Cellar, checking out local bands downtown or binge-watching Black Mirror for the millionth time.
March 25, 2019

Thoughts from the incoming editor-in-chief

Brad has been involved with The Brunswickan for two years | Photo by Cameron Lane

It was a bit of a fluke that I ended up at The Brunswickan two years ago.

Sure, I have always enjoyed writing and had previously considered a career in journalism before starting university, but I had long since given up that idea. The possibility of getting involved with The Bruns had not even crossed my mind until the end of my second year, when I stumbled across a job posting on social media for an open reporter position and decided to send in my resume on a whim. I had no relevant experience or training and wasn’t even sure the job would be a good fit for me but I hated the job I had at the time and wanted to try something - anything - different.

This spontaneous decision has proven to be a pivotal moment in my life. I quickly fell in love with everything about the job, and a career in journalism once again began to feel like something worth pursuing. I loved having a job that forced me to stay involved on campus and in the community while doubling as a creative outlet. I loved having the freedom to explore interests or report on things that I believe are important. Above all, I simply loved being part of The Brunswickan and having the opportunity to try to add to its long history.

My love of The Bruns has only continued to grow over the past year while I’ve served as magazine editor. Although 2018-19 has been a very challenging year after our previous editor-in-chief resigned early in the fall, the way everyone on our team responded by picking up the slack and continuing to produce quality content despite the leadership void was incredible. I’m extremely excited to see what our team can accomplish over the upcoming year with more stability and increased financial resources.

With that said, I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve as The Brunswickan’s next editor-in-chief in 2019-20 and to continue working and growing alongside our great returning staff as well the new members who will be joining us. I look forward to ensuring that The Bruns continues to deliver accurate, high quality journalism while providing students and community members with a place where they can share their stories and opinions.

None of this was part of my plan when I first applied to be a reporter in 2017 but I am very grateful for all of the opportunities my involvement with The Bruns has afforded me and I can’t wait to get started next year.

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