Andrew McCullough
Andrew McCullough
February 26, 2021

Student Study Space Breakdown: UNB and Around Town

Study space in the UNB Science and Forestry Library | Photo by Andrew McCullough

Campus Study Spaces

Miss studying on campus? You still can. Here is a quick overview of some of the places on campus that are still open to students.

Harriet Irving Library

Since the UNB campus reopened this fall, the Harriet Irving Library has had seats available for students. Now featuring 158 seats that can be booked for periods of one to five hours, as long as they are booked one hour to seven days in advance (maximum of 30 hours of booking per week). The HIL offers a wide variety of seating options including group study rooms, a comfortable reading room, cafe tables, and more. Even at the limited capacity since COVID restrictions started, the HIL can be a distracting environment, as someone is always on the move.

Therefore, I prefer:

Science and Forestry Library

Starting on Tuesday, October 13, there are 56 seats available for booking at the Science and Forestry Library on the UNB campus. Featuring a more cozy, welcoming atmosphere than the looming HIL, the Science and Forestry library offers seating at computer stations, couch areas, quiet spaces, and group study rooms. The quiet atmosphere and large windows make it an ideal spot to bunker down and finish all those assignments you've been putting off. The Science and Forestry Library shares the same booking system as the HIL and any reserved hours will count towards the weekly maximum of 30 hours.

Alternative Spaces to Study

Fredericton Cafés have long been a staple of student study life. But with some locations not allowing much – if any – seating, the availability of these prime spaces is limited. Here are my recommendations:


Mediterranean restaurant Sphinx recently started opening at 8:30 a.m. for breakfast and are inviting people to work from the restaurant as a way to get out of the house. They offer unlimited coffee, free Wi-Fi, and relaxing music. Just make sure to order some delicious food from their menu (which oddly offers fries with breakfast). It was very quiet when I studied there this past week, and being the only person there was uncomfortable. Hopefully, with some more awareness of this new work & study location, this program can hit its groove.

The Cultural Market

There are many small tables available within the vibrant atmosphere of the Cultural Market, which is turning into a great option for an alternative study space. I'm addicted to Saffron Indian food featured here and there are many more options including Filipino Food (Pinoy Point), Thai Food (Sun Prince), and coffee & treats (Cafe Loka). Get connected to the Wi-Fi, listen to their playlist mixing contemporary pop and world music, and get some work done while chowing down in the downtown.

The Abbey

I can never get enough of The Abbey's delicious vegan food. Located on Queen Street in downtown Fredericton, the Abbey has great lunch specials, soups, spotty Wi-Fi, and a quiet downstairs table selection. While very popular at lunch hour, The Abbey could make a great study spot in the later afternoon.

Tipsy Muse

Located on Regent Street in downtown Fredericton, The Tipsy Muse has that trendy urban-chic style that millennials love. This is a popular spot with limited seating. Anytime I’ve stopped in, there has been no available space, so this one is first come first serve. If you get the opportunity to chill out and study, make sure to try their fantastic Oat Milk Latte.

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