Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
March 16, 2020

Student Side-Talent: Reset

Gabriel (left), David (center), and Emmanuel (right) | Photo by Jaime Salgado

Gabriel Ibarra, David Williams, and Emmanuel Mat-kay all have a passion for music. Williams is in the Media Arts and Culture program pursuing a minor in music, Ibarra is a Computer Science student, and Mat-kay is in psychology. The UNB students got together to create their own band called Reset, and since then they have been dedicating their free time to creating new songs.

It was inspiring how these students keep up with their school work, while still finding time to hone their musical skills and record their own songs. Williams explained that since he is pursuing a music minor he takes a piano course which allows him to combine his school work with his hobby. Ibarra and Mat-kay both noted that it takes a lot of serious time management to finish all of their schoolwork and then dedicate time to the music. 

Reset started recording their first song last summer and it took them a couple of months to finish it. Their first release, “Figuring it Out,” was out last year through Spotify. The song has been popular among their friends. Mat-kay said the song is often played at his residence.

The band members expressed how they have improved their musical skills after releasing their first single, and are eager to produce more music. Their inspiration for their songs comes from life, Williams explained, but they also get inspiration from different music. In fact, Williams said he enjoys having people send him music, as he gets inspired by different genres. 

“I just want to make music,” said Williams. 

Reset band members said they see themselves pursuing music after they graduate. 

“It’s a dream, but it’s still possible,” said Ibarra. 

Mat-kay said he enjoys writing lyrics, and that he is also excited for what the future can bring. Mat-kay’s dream is to have other people feel the same way he feels when he is listening to a good song. 

“I want to be the person that’s been talked about in terms of music.”

The band members explained how they know that as International students, they may find it harder to pursue a music career, as they want to carry on making their own music. Still, it seems that the drive and passion they have to accomplish their music goals make their dream seem a little more possible.

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