Katelyn Clark
Katelyn Clark
November 28, 2019

STU hosts International Student Association Food

Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

On Thursday, November 21st, the St. Thomas University International Students’ Association (STUISA) held an international food festival. The food festival was to raise awareness of different cultures that exist around campus through food and raise money for a bursary worth $1500 at the end of the year given by the STUISA. 

The association likes to spread cultural awareness through multicultural fares, dinners and exhibitions. The president of the association Wasiimah Joomun said they had raised $300 that day. 

“Part of the money will be kept paying for future events, and the rest will go towards the bursary.” 

They held the food tasting in Sir James Dunn Hall, and she said it was the second time they had the tasting available to the public. In the past they have had a dinner which you could attend by purchasing tickets. 

The food was amazing! They had options from all over. Some of the food available to try was a pudding-like dessert from Peru, a thick biscuit with sugar cane syrup, and a pita with fried beans from Honduras. 

Student attendees at the international food festival | Photo by Katelyn Clark

They decided to change the style of the festival because it was more accessible to students, faculty and staff. The next big event is a multicultural event that will be happening in March. Joomun said there will be food, a talent show, a fashion show, and of course, lots of dancing and music. 

They will be promoting the event on their social media, Facebook and Instagram, and they are encouraging all to participate. Contact the association on social media if you would like to join in participating or helping out with the festival.

Anyone who wants to experience delicious food, good music, learning about new cultures, and much more, all via amazing people from around the world, should keep an eye on the STU International Students’ Association.

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