Alexandre Silberman
Alexandre Silberman
Alexandre Silberman is a second year student at St. Thomas University, studying journalism, political science and communications. Alexandre is originally from Burlington, Vermont.
February 24, 2019

Senators 2019



Luc Bouvier

Candidate bio

I am a second-year mechanical engineering student who spends far too much time at society events and not enough time doing homework. I live for free food, and I try my best to study hard, maintain a social life, eat right, get to the gym, and remember to call my mom. Being a student is more expensive and more stressful than ever before, and we all deserve academic policies which reflect these realities – that’s why I am running to be a student senator.

Why do you want this position?

The Senate is the highest authority on UNB’s academic affairs. These include everything from academic appeals to setting long-term goals for the university. While its decisions impact every student on campus, few students are familiar with what the Senate is – let alone what it is currently up to.

I want to ensure that students have a dependable voice on this body and are a part of the university’s decision-making processes. I have first-hand experience with outdated curriculums and policies which must be improved for UNB to compete with top Canadian universities. While students often feel powerless to challenge UNB’s administration, the Senate offers a unique and effective forum to advance the interests of students.

What is your history of involvement on campus?

Over the past two years, I have been lucky enough to work with a fantastic team of volunteers on the Engineering Undergraduate Society – first as a director of events and now as VP internal. This is paired with my experience as VP finance of Enactus UNB – a role which has shown me that students are often much more capable than they think of shaping the world around them. These positions require a lot of collaboration with others to deliver on our goals – experience which will serve me well as I work with other members of the Senate to advance the interests of our students.

What unique skills or experiences do you bring to the position?

My extensive experience working with clubs and societies on campus will drive my advocacy efforts for our student groups. These organizations offer vital opportunities to students in the form of professional development, academic assistance, and social events. They make UNB a better school and must be encouraged to grow and prosper.

As an engineering student, I pride myself on being able to think outside the box and develop solutions. As a senator, I will work diligently to find common ground between UNB’s students and administration to further our shared goal – making UNB a great place to call home.

What is a fun or surprising fact about yourself?

I am obsessed with Pixar movies, and I cannot wait until they release Toy Story 4.

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