Erin Sawden
Erin Sawden
September 2, 2018

Relay on the Hill 2018: Relay for Life Event comes to College Hill

The Brunswickan

The UNB/STU/NBCC Relay for Life fundraising event, Relay on the Hill 2018, will be happening March 24 from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

The event aims to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society and will be located in the Student Union Building.

While everyone is welcome to register and join the event at 6 p.m. the night of, those interested in participating are encouraged to first register online at, with additional information being available on their Relay on the Hill 2018 Facebook event page.

The event is being co-chaired by fourth year UNB students Aaryn Bell and Keira Coady, who are studying mechanical engineering and biology chemistry, respectively.

The co-chairs say that their time as residents in Neill House is partly what inspired them to volunteer for the event, as Neill House’s house charity is the Canadian Cancer Society.

Both are enthusiastic about the fundraiser, having been either participants or part of the event planning committee for the past four years. They also both have had family members affected by the disease.

“Speaking for myself, I was definitely touched by cancer in family members in the past so it really means a lot to me to be able to help out with the cause,” said Coady.

Those participating are asked to set fundraising goals, with the ideal donation being set at $15 per person. Fundraising money can be brought to the event or deposited electronically through the event website.

“We encourage everyone to fundraise individually and any funds they raise goes directly to the Canadian Cancer Society,” said Coady.

As the event is a relay, one member of the team has to always be walking or jogging on the track set up in the SUB, but there’s no specific time requirement for each team member. Teams can be registered online and individual participants are welcomed as well.

“We encourage everyone to come, no matter what, so even if they don’t have a team, or if your team might only have three people on it, there will be lots of people there that we can combine.” said Coady.

The organizers have planned games, Zumba, and live music to keep people entertained throughout the night, as well as prizes and pizza.

“We just have lots of activities planned to make sure everyone is having fun the whole night, start to finish,” said Coady.

There will also be a luminary ceremony, done with white paper bags and faux candles. Luminaries are typically about $10, but those who have already donated $15 through the fundraising will be given theirs for free.

The ceremony is meant to honour those who have passed from cancer, as well as those who are currently struggling with it.

“It’s kind of nice because it gives people a chance to just take a moment and reflect on their loved ones,” said Bell.

Bell said the event itself is an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate their loved ones, while also raising money for cancer research.

“It’s a great way to get out and spend an evening having fun with your friends and rallying for a good cause.”

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