Isabelle Leger
Isabelle Leger
Arts & Lifestyle Editor Isabelle Leger is a fourth year journalism and communications student at St. Thomas University.
October 19, 2018

Queer Songbook Orchestra performs at Charlotte Street Arts Centre

Photo by Isabelle Leger

Queer-related stories told with an orchestra of 12 LGBTQ or allied band members took the stage at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

The Queer Songbook Orchestra is currently on their second tour called Tour of Heart & Mind. They are performing at 11 locations throughout the east coast.

The band includes three singers, a percussionist, violinist, guitarist and nine other instruments. Their goal is to share LGBTQ stories against a passionate musical backdrop.

Each performance began with the telling of a story from a member of the LGBTQ community. The stories often related to the struggles that LGBTQ people face amongst different communities and religions.

“I was raised Catholic and come from a severely homophobic country that proclaims my desires as disgusting and ungodly,” said a poet in one performance.

As the guitar, violin, cello and the other instruments of the orchestra chimed into the story, the importance of music through these difficult times was brought to the attention of the audience.

“It meant something intense to hear it while occupying my queer self,” said the reader about the song that followed.

Close to 30 people sat watching the show in the auditorium of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. Alanna Stuart sang while involving the crowd, asking them to join into the chorus during several performances.

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