Jeralyn Gourley Sparks
Jeralyn Gourley Sparks
October 12, 2019

Mariachi Herencia de Mexico visits the playhouse

The musicians visited Canada to share the art of Mariachi | Photo by Jack Sparks

The touring ensemble of Mariachi Herencia de Mexico made their first ever stop in Canada at the Playhouse on Saturday, October 5th. A talented group of Latin Grammy award nominated students from Chicago—their goal is to share classic Mariachi music along with their own twist to keep the art form alive.

Having traveled the US and Mexico already, it was only a natural next step for the musicians to visit Canada to share the art of Mariachi. They did so with a show of incredible emotion and passion, even managing to slip in a few laughs along with the stunning performances of the night.

With an almost completely sold out theatre they succeeded in doing exactly what they had intended. As the music started it took no time for the venue to come alive with children and the elderly alike tapping their feet and clapping along with the rhythmic music. 

Those who were familiar with the ballads were immediately humming along with the beautiful vocals of those performing on stage, while everyone watched the emotion they put into their performance with complete awe.

The group played songs from their three albums and even some well known music from Grease the musical in their Mariachi style. These catchy songs prompted the audience to sing along and join in with the energetic teens on stage, which only further relaxed the theatre.

When the curtains downed for a mid-performance break, the audience talked about the amazing performance so far, and their disbelief that such young people could be so well practiced and devoted to their music.

After the five minute warning while showgoers shuffled back to their seats, the thirteen members regrouped on the stage. Along with them came their trumpets, guitars, bass, harp and a large section of violins. As soon as the lights returned it was back into full swing. 

As the evening drew to a close, after the many impressive vocal performances and instrumental solos, the show ended with a bit of a mishap. While removing props from the stage, a table with a bottle of Tequila sitting atop it was dropped. The audience audibly gasped and held their breath hoping the bottle hadn't been broken and spilled onto the stage. When the lights came back up one of the violinists held aloft the bottle of Tequila, triumphantly showing it still intact.

The audience roared its approval as the group launched into their final songs. A perfect way to end the night.

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