David Bunce
David Bunce
February 26, 2021

Local Coffee Shops Providing Study Spaces

The Muse | Photo by Jules Keenan

With campus libraries having reduced hours, campus food venues being closed, and masks being mandated at all times while indoors, many students struggle to find adequate study spaces.

Despite restrictions on seating capacity, many coffee shops in Fredericton still provide a great environment to relax with friends or serve as study spaces during exam season. 

Mill Town Roasters, on King Street, has drastically reduced seating. It is now limited to just five tables lining the outer walls of the shop to maintain distance between patrons. 

“The café is small enough that, if you can score a seat, it’s a good study environment because it’s fairly quiet,” stated Carolyn Woolridge, a UNB student that has no problems with the changes. “The baristas are all lovely people who make great recommendations when I don’t know what I’m in the mood for, and the cinnamon buns are to die for.” 

Luck plays a role in landing a spot at Mill Town. The café opens at 7:30 a.m. on weekdays and is filled up with students and their laptops shortly after. 

Just west on King Street from Mill Town is Coffee and Friends. The café boasts a generous seating area with clever spacing to avoid drastic losses in capacity. With free WiFi and a lunch menu, Coffee and Friends caters to a wide variety of people. When visiting, expect to find friendly service, spotless tables, and an open place to sit. 

Parking can often be a challenge for those living outside of downtown Fredericton. Uptown, on Prospect Street, Starbucks provides ample parking space and a good study environment. The music, although loud at times, provides holiday cheer and background noise. The seating is spaced out for social distancing, with a lowered capacity of eight. 

If one is seeking a more vibrant environment, The Tipsy Muse on Regent Street may be a good choice. Woolridge often finds herself there for the delicious food and great environment. 

“The bagels are tasty, the baristas are very sweet, and they always have music playing in the background,” she stated, explaining that The Tipsy Muse is a great environment to socialize as well as study. 

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