Ally Buchanan
Ally Buchanan
Ally is in her second year at Renaissance College, pursuing minors in Political Science and English. She is originally from Hampton, New Brunswick
October 4, 2019

Liberal Candidate Matt DeCourcey

Matt DeCourcey is the incumbent Liberal candidate. | Courtesy Photo

Matt DeCourcey is the incumbent Liberal candidate, first elected in 2015 by a large margin at 49 per cent. He was 32 years old at the time of his election—the youngest Member of Parliament ever elected in Fredericton. 

During his term, DeCourcey was Chair of the government’s Youth Caucus, served on both the Special Committee on Pay Equity and the Special Committee on Electoral Reform, and was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2017. 

He prides himself in having helped make life more affordable for constituents in Fredericton through raising tuition support, introducing the Canada Child Benefit, and increasing pension benefits.

“The whole thrust of our government's agenda—and it's been beneficial to people in Fredericton—is helping support families and vulnerable people with measures that make life more affordable for them and support their inclusion in the economy,” said DeCourcey. 

DeCourcey aims to further economic growth in Fredericton, through “significant federal investment” in the cybersecurity field, and encouraging immigration settlement in the area. 

“I'm keen to continue making it easier and more welcoming for people to come here and participate in the economic growth of the community,” he said. 

DeCourcey also hopes to see further investment regarding flooding control, “to ensure that as we tackle climate change, we also mitigate the short term effects that we're seeing from catastrophic flooding each year, which harms our livelihoods, harms our health, but also really harms our economy”. 

He is confident standing behind a party platform promising climate action, continued affordability and maintaining universal human rights—which he hopes to see continue to progress in the next four years. 

Having held three cohorts of a Constituency Youth Council, DeCourcey is encouraged seeing youth so politically engaged surrounding this election, mentioning third party advocate groups and rallies around important issues.

 He encourages young voters to further inform themselves approaching voting days, “look at the record of the government right now and make an assumption. Are we moving in the right place? And most importantly, I would encourage them to all go out and vote,” he said.

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