Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
November 8, 2019

Just a Little Light at the Capital

The band had been paying for five years, having formed in April of 2014. | Photo by Maria Hernandez

The local band Just a Little Light performed at the Capital Complex this past Saturday, Oct. 12. Just a Little Light is a Psychedelic Rock ‘n Roll band made up of local musicians. 

The band has been playing for five years, having formed in April of 2014. 

The Brunswickan had the pleasure of talking with Ian Beattie, one of the band members. 

Beattie said the band members all knew each other, and that is how the band came together. When asked what music meant to him, he said music means a lot of things and that it was undoubtedly comforting. He spoke about how enjoyable it is to play live music and how improvisational music makes you live more in the moment and feel what the other musicians are doing.

The band doesn't play often, but every couple of months they have a few gigs, and their performance at the Wilser's Room on Saturday was all around thrilling.

The band had Matt Fitzgerald on the drums, Dave Cunningham on the bass, Colton Craft on the keyboards, Connor Fox with the guitar and Ian Beattie playing guitar and singing.  

They started with an upbeat song full of energy as a warm-up, followed by a quick break that gave the audience time to grab a drink. For the first song the band did not have a big audience, but by the time they started their second song the room was packed with people. 

The songs were filled with energy and fast beats, lasting about five to six minutes each and kept the audience nodding their heads and stamping their feet along with the rhythm.  

The room was filled with good energy and there was a particular audience member who added a little extra to the room. He had a great rhythm and was dancing like no one was watching during the performance.

The music was so loud you could feel the vibrations of the music throughout your body. Apart from the delightful music, the musicians added a little extra fun with their high energy. Fitzgerald on the drums and Craft on the keyboards grabbed your attention as they played their instruments so energetically.

For all upbeat music lovers, Just a Little Light is a band you don't want to miss. 

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