Alexandre Silberman
Alexandre Silberman
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September 23, 2018

Gallant, Higgs warn of vote splitting during final election push

Liberal Premier Brian Gallant speaks with reporters in Fredericton. | Photo: Isabelle Leger

Premier Brian Gallant is urging New Brunswickers contemplating a third party vote to reconsider.

The Liberal leader made his appeal to undecided voters during a campaign stop to speak to reporters at the Grant Harvey Centre in Fredericton on Saturday.

“People are, I think in some places maybe toying with the idea of voting with the Greens maybe voting for the NDP, many of which think we will form the government, maybe they want to lend their vote to another party,” he said.

As the New Brunswick provincial election campaign enters its last weekend, leaders are making a final push to get their message out to voters across the province. Projections show the race is tightening up in the final days, and with the Green Party and the People’s Alliance proving competitive in several ridings, the potential for vote splitting is a concern to both the Liberals and the PC Party.

Gallant spent time in Miramichi and in the north of New Brunswick on Friday, and has campaigned in Fredericton, Saint John and Oromocto over Saturday and Sunday.

Liberal Premier Brian Gallant speaks with reporters during a campaign stop in Fredericton on Saturday, Sept. 22. | Photo: Isabelle Leger

Progressive Conservative Leader Blaine Higgs held several rallies in the northern part of the province on Saturday, and was campaigning in the capital region on Sunday.

The province's third parties also continue to push for support.

Green Party Leader David Coon spent Saturday canvassing in Fredericton South; NDP Leader Jennifer McKenzie and People's Alliance Leader Kris Austin also spent most of their time campaigning in their home ridings.

In Fredericton, Gallant criticized Higgs, and said his opponent supports cutting jobs, healthcare and infrastructure.

“Voting for the Liberal candidate in everyone’s respective riding is the only way to ensure that we have a government that is fighting for families that are struggling to get ahead,” he said.

Liberal Premier Brian Gallant speaks with reporters during a campaign stop in Fredericton on Saturday, Sept. 22. | Photo: Isabelle Leger

Higgs responded to Gallant’s claims in a statement.

"We can and must do better for New Brunswick but we need a majority government to do it," he said. "A vote for any other party than the PC Party gives Brian Gallant another four years, and we can't afford four more years of Brian Gallant."

Gallant said he is confident that the Liberals are in a position to form a majority government, but added that there’s “no doubt” that from the beginning of the campaign the election would be close.

“I implore them to look our progressive platform of helping families that are struggling to get ahead, and also realize that if there is vote splitting we could find ourselves with a Blaine Higgs Conservative government,” he said.

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