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Taylor Chalker
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February 26, 2021

Fredericton South Candidate Profiles

Candidates racing toward a better Fredericton South. | Graphic by Jules Keenan

Five political parties have candidates running in the Fredericton South riding this election. The Brunswickan has compiled brief profiles on each of the candidates, focusing on campaign promises and responses to questions posed at the Fredericton South Roundtable, hosted by the Students’ Unions of the University of New Brunswick and St.Thomas University on September 8th. 

Brian MacKinnon - Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick

Brian MacKinnon, a retired medical doctor, took inspiration from his time in the healthcare industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a campaign video posted to his Facebook, MacKinnon explained that “working with other passionate healthcare professionals has made [him] want to step up and help support our equally passionate premier.” 

He has worked for over 30 years as a doctor in the Fredericton community. His campaign is largely based on bringing his healthcare expertise to the table and supporting the navigation of COVID-19. MacKinnon would like to do this by listening to the relevant science and supporting the continuation of economic recovery. 

Note: Brian MacKinnon was absent for the Fredericton South Roundtable. 

Nicole Picot - Liberal Party

Raised in Fredericton, Nicole Picot aims to use the unique perspective that she has garnered after a long career in public service, which she recently retired from. 

Her campaign focuses on supporting improved access to post-secondary education, and she personally pledges to “restore the tuition subsidy programs at the previous Liberal government free tuition for those coming from families making less than $60,000 a year and a sliding scale of support for those making more.” 

Additionally, Picot pledges to invest in the arts through the construction of a new Playhouse, and to provide full funding to Clinic 554. 

Geoffrey Noseworthy - New Democratic Party

Geoffrey Noseworthy highlighted the NDP’s campaign focuses as “healthcare first, economy second, and environment third.” They aim to accomplish this through improving labour conditions, investing in local businesses, and implementing universal mental health care.

Noseworthy, a student of Mathematical Physics at UNB, emphasized the importance of “...an informed government made up of those who are educated” and, if elected, aims to lower the cost of undergraduate tuition by 25% and eliminate tuition fees for NBCC/CCNB. 

David Coon - Green Party (Incumbent)

As party leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick, David Coon is seeking re-election in the coming election. His campaign aims to reinvigorate New Brunswick by improving care for children and seniors, increasing access to healthcare, and investing in renewable energy. 

At the Fredericton South Roundtable, Coon detailed his dedication to students and highlighted his weekly visits to either STU or UNB. He aims to continue his efforts to “eliminate interest on student debt,” as demonstrated in his support of the recent budget released by the Higgs Administration. 

Wendell Betts - People’s Alliance of New Brunswick

His first time running for an election, Wendell Betts is campaigning for a government held accountable to the people. Taking from his experience struggling with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Betts wishes to put the same effort into representing his communities interests as he did fighting for his health. 

His main campaign promise is to fight for the people he represents through investing in New Brunswickers, reducing plastic use in the province, and not mandating vaccinations. At the Fredericton South Roundtable, he illustrated his dedication to local youth by addressing the audience composed primarily of students and pledging to “...support [them] completely.”

For information on how to vote, please visit the Elections NB website.

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