Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
November 14, 2019

Clubs & Societies Feature: UNB Anthropology Society

The society is open to all students from all programs at UNB and STU. | Courtesy Photo

The Anthropology Society’s current rendition dates back to 2015 but the departmental society concept is much older. The society was restarted by the now graduated Meghan Miller. Over the last four years the society has rewritten their constitution to be increasingly inclusive and democratic.

The Anthropology Society aims to provide a positive environment for UNB students and provide a space to discuss anthropological and archeological related issues and ideas. They also aid with anthropological and archeological related work. The faculty hosts fun events that allow students to have a good time and gain some anthropological skills.

Becoming A Member

The society is open to all students from all programs at UNB and STU. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. All you must do to become a member is to express interest to one of the three executives. There is a five dollar membership donation to become a full member.

Paid members have the benefit of participating in the society executive elections.

Contacting will subscribe you to their mailing list.

Activities of the Anthropological Society

The society has meetings taking place every two weeks, and their main goal is to plan their upcoming events as a group. During the meetings, the society executive also takes time to communicate with their members what the anthropology professors and department are planning.

The society hosts academic and “for fun” events. Their fun events include movie nights, board game sessions and seasonal holiday parties. Their academic events focus mostly on experimental archeology. Nevertheless, their academic events are just as exciting as their fun events. In the society’s educational events, attendees are taught how to make stone arrowheads, twist rope from local harvest plants and learn how to throw spears.

Geoffrey Sayre, UNB Anthropology Society executive, told us the attendees of their events usually walk away with a smile and a new appreciation for ancient technologies. Their annual spear-throwing competition has been well attended by the Arts faculty. However, a multi-talented student for the Engineering faculty is currently the reigning champion over the last couple of years. 

Sayre encourages anyone looking for a hands-on experience to attend the Anthropology Society’s events. The events they host are free and open to the public.

Their upcoming events include a November board game night, and the departmental Christmas party during the exam season. Their Spear-Throwing competition will be held in February 2020, so stay tuned with their event postings.

To know what events the Anthropology Society is hosting, like the “UNB Anthropology Society” page on Facebook. The society also advertises their events through posters around campus, so check out your local notice board.

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