Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
November 8, 2019

Clubs & Societies Feature: MAAC Society

The society has activities related to anything involving Media Arts and Cultures. | Courtesy Photo

The Media Arts and Cultures (MAAC) society is an excellent place for students looking to share their love for the media arts. 

The MAAC society is a representation of the students within the Media Arts and Cultures department at UNB. Their events are open to all faculties and there is no fee to become a member.

The society has activities related to anything involving Media Arts and Cultures such as films, photography, graphic design, music, video games and radio, to name a few. 

Maria Nazareth Araújo, president of the faculty, said she chose the path of Media Arts and Cultures principally because she loves the variety of work she has the opportunity to do. One degree can open different career paths, such as a graphic designer, filmmaker, or even a video game creator. 

"There are so many opportunities!" she said.

Benefits For Students

Members of the MAAC society have the opportunity to expand their network among the Media Arts and Cultures department. It is a great place to have fun and connect with other students and staff from the MAAC department. Members learn about the events hosted by the society beforehand, and they can also contribute to the creation of events. 

In terms of acquiring new skills, members can certainly obtain them if they are interested, said Araújo. Communication or practical skills such as dealing with editing software, photography or filmmaking are some of the skills you can acquire. The MAAC society is a perfect place for students to interact and learn from one another. 

Another benefit of being a member is that you don't need to be an expert in the media arts, and it is an excellent opportunity for first-year media art students to hone their skills. The MAAC society welcomes first-year students and encourages them to participate and possibly pursue or discover their passion by socializing with other members.  

MAAC Events

The MAAC society has a weekly meeting on Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. in room 236 in Marshall D'Avary Hall. 

Events hosted by the MAAC society are varied. In the past they have hosted screening events where they usually provide snacks and have a great movie to watch. However, they are most likely to host game nights, as they like to provide a fun and enjoyable environment where students can destress. Apart from having a fun game night, students also socialize with other students who have a shared love for media arts, and you get free food!

They also host the Media Arts and Cultures End of Year Showcase, happening every end of term around April. The event showcases works from the Media Arts and Culture students and includes films, photography, video games, graphic design and many other creative works. The event is a fantastic opportunity for students to show their work and for the public to see the amazing talents found in the Media Arts and Cultures department. 

Their next event is the "Halloween Potluck + Games Night" on October 30th, in room 236 in Marshall D'Avary Hall. They will have plenty of board and video games available, but you are welcome to bring any of your own. 

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