Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
February 10, 2020

Clubs & Societies Feature: ArtZone

ArtZone is a unique opportunity to remain in touch with artistic interests. | Courtesy Photo

ArtZone was pioneered by Marie Maltais, the UNB Art Centre Director, in 1997. After the Fine Arts Minor was eliminated from the UNB Arts Faculty, Maltais wanted to give students an opportunity to engage with their artistic skills in a meaningful way. 

The club’s room is located on the second floor of Memorial Hall, and has different art materials available for the ArtZone members including canvases, oil paint, pastel colours, colour pencils, clay, acrylics and yarn. Access to these materials is paid for by the $15 membership fee, but membership also grants a 10 percent discount for purchases at Endeavors, an art supplies store downtown. For students who may not be able to study art while at school, ArtZone is a unique opportunity to remain in touch with their artistic interests.

Additionally, if there are materials that are not already owned by the group, members may consult with Lori Quick, the exhibitions and communication coordinator, and if the club budget can cover it, the supplies may be purchased for future use by any member. The availability and flexibility of materials makes it easy to try new artistic techniques or DIY’s—perhaps India ink drawing for comic book panels, or macrame to build a plant holder seen on Pinterest.

The club also hosts an annual art exhibition. Club members contribute ideas for the theme of the exhibition and they are also encouraged to submit their artwork. Last year, they participated in an exhibition that celebrated the world water day and raised awareness of plastic use. The UNB Art Centre, ArtZone, sustainability groups from UNB and STU and Green UNB co-curated the exhibition, displaying various sea creatures made from used plastic bags, bottles, wraps and any other plastic they collected. Being part of an exhibition is a great experience and a good opportunity for students to share their creativity with the world. The club also hosts various art-themed events throughout the term. These events are a great opportunity for people to meet other creative people from different faculties who all share a passion for art.

If you would like to become a member you can drop by the UNB Art Center and pay the $15 membership fee.

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