Maria Nazareth Araújo
Maria Nazareth Araújo
Storyteller | Photographer | 4th year Media Arts and Cultures Student (UNBF) | 🇧🇷
February 23, 2019

Celebrating winter wonderland

A student participates in the Rail Jam during Winter Carnival | Photo by Maria Nazareth Araújo

During this time of the year, things can get pretty cold: from the frosty weather to your tired brain studying for midterms. But who says winter only brings woeful experiences? During the first week of February, the UNB Student Union and RBC hosted UNB’s annual winter carnival as a way to bring the campus community together.

JUNO Award nominee for Dance Recording of the Year, Shaun Frank, was one of the main attractions for the Winter Carnival | Photo by Ben Case

Juno Award-nominated DJ Shaun Frank kicked off the carnival on Feb. 1, performing in concert at the Student Union Building. The concert was the latest in the series of new major events being presented by the UNBSU in the 2018-19 school year.

The next day of winter carnival was a day for the brave. Bridges House hosted their annual polar dip in support of the IWK Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises funds to support the primary health care needs of women, children, youth and families. The UNB Ski and Board Club and Crabbe Mountain then collaborated to throw a rail jam in front of the SUB. The snow that fell during the day did not stop snowboard lovers; on the contrary, it only pumped up people’s energy for the winter carnival and added to the wintry atmosphere.

Alongside Shaun Frank, the concert featured Waves, a band that has performed in several festivals around the globe, including Everafter Music Festival and Riverside Festival

The carnival was complete with the Après-ski, or a get together at the College Hill Social Club for drinks, giveaways and specials after the rail jam. Members of the UNB community enjoyed the happy hour from 9-11pm.

Whether you threw yourself into an outdoor pool in the middle of winter or enjoyed an on-campus concert on a Friday night, we hope you enjoyed Winter Carnival 2019!

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