Morgan Bell
Morgan Bell
February 26, 2021

Beloved campus pub reopens with COVID-19 adaptations

The Cellar | Photo by Morgan Bell

Although classes remain online, popular spots on campus like the Cellar Pub are still accessible. With protocols and safety measures put in place, the pub remains open to students.

“During the day, there’s like maybe one or two tables,” said the Assistant Manager Ryleigh Hatch. It’s Hatch’s fifth year working at the Cellar and the strangest one yet. 

The employees are adapting to the new rules in their workplace. All staff members are screened before starting each shift – temperatures must be checked, and high-touch areas must be sanitized and sprayed down after each use, even more than would be normal in a restaurant.  

The new COVID-safe Cellar went from serving 34 tables to now serving 13 and are allowing groups of no more than six at any table. Its hours have been reduced to 11:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.. 

“At night it’s usually fairly full; there might be a few people lined up waiting, except for Mondays and Tuesdays.” 

The pub now only serves UNB and STU students. This is to limit the amount of people coming onto campus who may be possible COVID carriers. The pub requires customers’ student IDs before seating them, along with their regular IDs.  

Face masks are required for both staff and customers, except when sitting down at tables. Before being seated, a screening is done. There are arrows on the floor helping customers to be properly distance from each other. COIVD has caused a major cutback in socializing at the Cellar, and things do look very different.

Curbside pickup is now being offered to offset the lower number of tables, and to serve non-student customers. “We survive based on volume and not high prices, and I think our prices reflect that.” This is why new serving measures have been introduced in order to keep the Cellar operating. 

“Where we only have 13 tables, we can’t sell the volume we need, so right now it’s just kind of a waiting game – that is why we’re trying to do curbside pickup and push takeout; there may be some delivery services in the next few weeks as well.”

Hatch, along with her colleagues, is hoping things can go back to normal, and the Cellar can continue to be enjoyed for its true purpose – late nights out after studying. Hatch wants that to continue, and hopes the Cellar can continue to fulfill its role.

“It’s hard for students, or anyone, to find jobs right now, and that’s what this place is for: to give students jobs, and also to give them a place where they can drink and socialize for a cheap price.”

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