Morgan Bell
Morgan Bell
February 26, 2021

Axe-throwing Pub Opens on Fredericton’s Northside

HaliMac Axe Throwing | Photo by Morgan Bell

HaliMac Axe Throwing is a new pub located on Fredericton’s northside, at 83 Cityview Avenue. The pub’s main attraction is, you guessed it, axe throwing, an activity that is offered alongside food and alcohol. If you’ve ever wanted to get drunk and wield sharp objects, this is the place for you.

“We like to focus on local craft beer, so everything we have on tap is from the province but mostly from the city itself,” said Peter Allen, the General Manager of HaliMac’s Fredericton location. 

Allen is close friends with HaliMac’s co-owner Adrian Beaton, and that’s how he became the general manager of the new Fredericton location of the established Maritime chain. Beaton lives in St. John’s, NL, where Allen had lived for nine years. The co-owner is assisted by his cousin, Paul MacInnis, who lives in Kentville, NS. After the cousins had successfully opened three locations elsewhere in Atlantic Canada, the pair decided to call their friend in hopes to open a Fredericton location.

Opening a new store during a pandemic may seem difficult, but for Allen he knew he was trusting the right people. “I know the guys really well, so I knew that they knew what they were doing. They are really good businessmen.”

The pub opened on October 13 and had to extend its hours for opening day due to the high demand. 

“We had so many people looking to book. So we ended up opening at three and closing at twelve where on Fridays our hours are usually four to eleven.”

There are not many places that offer axe throwing as an activity; a majority of the guests who came had never done so before. The staff instructs customers beforehand on how to properly throw the axes. If after a while axes are still not landing, the staff will coach them through. So don’t stress out too much if your first toss isn’t a bullseye. 

“The staff has been getting really good at throwing the axes, which makes them feel good about themselves,” said Allen.

Along with craft beer, the pub serves red and white wine. 

“Once we get into the groove of everything, we plan on getting spirits as well,” Allen explained.

The Fredericton location follows the typical COVID-19 protocols of wearing masks, contact tracing, extra disinfecting measures, and so on.

Starting soon, the franchise will be letting the public come and get their broken boards. 

“We will be letting people know via Facebook that they can come and start taking our broken boards if they want, for firewood, just for free.” 

Allen feels this is another way that they can become closer with the community – by giving back. Allen hopes to be holding fundraisers in the near future as well. 

“People seem pretty enthusiastic about coming and trying it out, and I’m more enthusiastic about having them.”

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